ULTRA Sensitive Screening for HIV-1 In Blood for Transfusion

The Ultrio NAT TMA System is safeguarding Blood Transfusion in Greece against HIV-1, HBV, HCV. SafeBlood BioAnalytica SA, distributor of Novartis Diagnostics has established the ULTRIO NAT TMA System, screening more than 350.000 blood donations per year, having already protected more than 700 patients from risky Blood Transfusions.

Especially for HIV-1 the ULTRIO NAT TMA is the only system available worldwide for Blood Banks that screens for the presence of the virus in Transfused Blood by targeting not only one but two regions of HIV, preventing from fatal diagnostic errors.

BioAnalytica: Ιλισίων 3Α-5, 115 28 Αθήνα T: 210 64 00 318