“BioAnalytica S.A.” is the leading Greek Biotechnology supplier company, offering a highly focused portfolio of products and services for Life Sciences research and advanced In Vitro Diagnostics.


Our company’s vision is to remain the main provider of innovative and integrated solutions in every field of the Life Sciences sector in Greece, especially when it comes to the modern scientific achievements in the Genomics and Proteomics fields. Our goal is the successful integration of advanced technology through specialized technology transfer services, applications and specialized services in every scientific laboratory focused on research or diagnosis. Our company’s commitment towards our clients determines the excellence of “BioAnalytica S.A.” in application development, technical support and service of our customers, differentiating the company from our competitors. Our company aims to play a leading role in the development and expansion of the biotechnology sector in Greece. We will make every effort to keep up with technological advances and respond to market challenges and requirements.


“BioAnalytica S.A.” is committed to the continuous review of policies and procedures to ensure adherence to quality standards, safety and accurate scientific and commercial practice. Our company operates in full compliance with ISO systems 9001: 2008 & 13485: 2003 which are extended and strengthened by the International Service Quality Certification Requirements.

Research and Development

“BioAnalytica S.A” not only participates in numerous and successful research programs, in collaboration with universities, research bodies and scientists, but also in “BioAnalytica-GenoType S.A” lab in order to implement innovative technologies in modern diagnosis and therapy.

BioAnalytica: Iliision 3Α-5, 115 28 Athens T: +30 210 64 00 318